Small Change

Wesley’s Pee Sticks

This morning when we woke up I tested Wesley’s urine as usual.  It’s getting better already 3+!

I love steroids and can’t stand them at the same time.

Wesley asked me this morning if his eyes were swollen.  They are.  He can feel it. Hopefully the steroids will do their thing fast so that he doesn’t get too swollen up.

My boy has been saving money for several months because he wants Netflix back and his Mommy won’t buy it for him.  Well, the money has been burning a hole in his pocket, and since he doesn’t have $7.99 + tax for Netflix, he decided today that we should go to Walmart and get some Play Doh because his is all dried out.

He found a little change purse in his toy box that somebody gave him and put all his change in it.  He had so much change that it wouldn’t snap closed…. So he taped it.  Then he put his taped up change purse and a pair of scissors (to cut the tape) in his backpack and we went to Walmart.

If you have ever been to the Play Doh section at Walmart, you might understand that we had a problem.  There were too many choices.  And Wesley wanted all the ones that were $17.89.  We were probably there for 20 minutes trying to decide which colors to get.

Today is the day before school starts here.  Walmart was full of people and their kids.  Germ city.  So I was trying to hurry and get out fast.  Here are some pictures of Wesley buying his carefully picked out Play Doh.

Cutting the tape on his change purse.

Money for Play Doh


We haven’t heard anything from our nephrologist yet about when or if we will be doing rituximab.  I hate not knowing the details. Here is some information about childhood nephrotic syndrome.


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