Wes and His Friends

We have had a super busy weekend.  We went to a baby shower for our wonderful friends in Richmond.  They are having a little boy (that I can’t wait to meet!)  They are our first real couple friends that we really click with.  We have really gotten close with them in the past couple of years.  Their little girl has a rare disease also.  They have some of the same issues that we have, so we can really relate to one another.  Getting sick can throw her right into the hospital just like Wes.  Put us all together and we have enough hand sanitizer for the whole group!

It just so happens that Wesley LOVES little girls with bows in their hair… And of course, little Melea has always got bows in her hair.  Wesley decided that he needed to give her a present for the party.  So he packaged up a little present for her and gave it to her when we got there.


Wes was just as excited to give it to her as she was to get it.  It was one of his fave toys that he picked for her, but there was no way I was going to discourage that.  He truly wanted her to have it.  That is a side of my boy that I rarely see.  I really hope he grows to be a giving person.  *Proud Mommy Moment*

So after we came home from the shower, we picked up one of Wesley’s little buddies for a sleepover.  Little Caden and Wesley don’t always get along the best.  This weekend was an exception.  Despite the steroids, my son was actually a good kid.  No bullying!  Wow.  We all had fun.  We walked to the finish line (the end of our street).  Here are the boys posing at the finish line:


It was such a nice day Saturday.  After a couple of times back and forth to the finish line, we went to play in the back yard. The boys played on the swing set while I pulled weeds out of the garden.

After it started getting dark, we came in to wind down and get ready for bed.  They were watching cartoons when I was just getting ready to put on their p.j.’s.  Then I found out about the meteor shower… Well, it was stinkin awesome!  The sky was perfectly clear and we could see the display very well.  We got a big blanket and laid in the driveway for about an hour watching “sooting stars”.  It was so much fun and the boys really enjoyed it.  Regrettably, I have not one picture of the meteor shower.

Of course, we stayed up way too late and today we were all tired.. except for Brad, who went to bed like a normal person.  He saw one meteor and was done for the night.

All in all, it was a fun weekend with good people.  Wes got to hang with a couple of his buddies.  What else could a little boy ask for?!


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