My First Kid


Long before Wesley was born my best friend, Brenda, had a little boy.  I was single and free and had plenty of time on my hands.  I have always loved kids, so I jumped at any chance to be around this new baby in my life.

Kaiden became ‘my first kid’.  I starting babysitting him on my day off from work.  I took him everywhere I went.  I loved that little guy so much.  He was my main sidekick,  When he was about two years old, his mommy and daddy moved to Texas, and they did the unthinkable.  They took him with them!

Eventually, they all missed me and moved back.  I was married then.  I didn’t have nearly as much time to spend with Kaiden as I would have liked to.  I still got to keep him every morning because his mom went into work way early.  I dropped him off everyday at daycare before I went to my job.  He was still my little buddy.

Then, one day, something terrible happened.  He started school!  I didn’t get to see him much anymore and it made me so sad.  But, then about the same time, I discovered that I was going to get my own kid.  One who belonged exclusively to me!  It helped to balance things out a bit.

Wesley and Kaiden are about 5 years apart.  They are surprisingly very good friends.  Wesley loves Kaiden.  I think Kaiden tolerates loves Wesley.

Today, my Kaiden came over to visit us.  Kaiden started home school this year.  We made it a school day today.  Kaiden did his work while Wesley did his.  It was a bit challenging for me to go back and forth and keep them both interested.  Kaiden kept wanting to do Wesley’s work (because it wasn’t an essay).  Then when I worked with Kaiden, Wesley wanted to run off (because he wanted undivided attention).  We finally made it through the day and I think they both learned at least one new thing each.  Maybe if we do it again, I will be more prepared!


(Notice who is wearing clothes and who isn’t)  I should really work on that!


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