Weekend Fun

I think our weekend was mostly successful with fun.  The wedding went well.. It was all fun and games until Wesley started being a wild man. We both left crying per Brad’s demand…. Well, he didn’t demand that we cry, just that we leave, which caused the crying.

Then when we got home, I left Wes with Brad and got some much needed alone time at none other than Walmart.  I shopped for pajamas for the boy to wear during his treatment so he will be comfortable.  They are Wimpy Kid pajamas.  My kid is certainly not wimpy, but he loves those books!  I got a few toys for him.  Thankfully when I got home, the boys were sleeping and I got a chance to wrap his little presents.

I got him a couple of Play Doh truck toys.  One is a road roller that you can build a road with and then flatten it out.  I got him a Mario shirt, because if you know my kid, he LOVES Mario!  Can’t get enough of it.  Got some glow sticks because what is more fun in the hospital at dark than glow sticks?!  Well, I am sure it’s not that much fun, but it must be better than the hospital at dark and no glow sticks… right?  And a few other dinky things.

I am running on not much sleep.  I have had a cold and after all the crying yesterday it made it worse.  There was almost zero sleep last night.  My head has hurt all day today.  I took Wes to the water park as I promised him.  It was very tiring, but very worth every second of it.  It was just me and him.  I played on all the kid stuff with him and it was good fun.

I am always with him, always.  But it seems like there are always things to get done around the house and I can’t give him my complete attention.  It was very nice to be able to completely focus on him and do all the things he wanted to do.  I think it was a wonderful day, sickness and headache aside.

We sat down to eat for a few minutes and we totally had a grown up conversation about how the hospital experience will be.  He seemed to understand very well.  It made me feel good to listen to his concerns and be able to give him all the information I could so he will be ready.

Our bags are packed.. We will be leaving in four and a half hours.  I must go to sleep.  I will update the situation tomorrow night!


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  1. Posted by Pam on August 20, 2012 at 7:58 am

    Im crying and know I am thinking of you ALL DAY. I wish I could check in with him.


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