Cleaning House

First, to update those who don’t know about Wesley’s infusion yesterday.  He had yet again zero reactions.  Hurray!  It went well except for the part when he didn’t want to get Charlie back in his veins (His IV’s name is Charlie)  He has always done good with things like this.  When he was younger, he was very brave and never even cried.  As time has gone on and needles have become a much larger part of his life, he always likes to make a little “show” to let us know that he is unhappy.  My hypothesis for this is in an earlier post.  Now, there are usually always tears and begs and “no’s”.  Well, yesterday it was all crazy.

Brad just left the room to go to the car and get some info for his work.  That left me and Wes with each other to deal with Charlie.  Again, normally not a big problem.  Just some tears and protests and and we are done.  Not yesterday.  He threw A FIT.  He was struggling with all his might to get away.  I tried every trick I knew and nothing helped.  There he was with two choices before him.  He could either calm down and let me help him like always, or he had to be wrapped in a sheet.  Personally, I hate the sheet.  It seems so mean.  But we had to do something.  I talked to him as calmly as possible and explained the options.  We ended up tying the little guy in a sheet.  OH THE HORROR!

He was so mad that he didn’t even want his complementary after shot toy!  He shunned everyone around him for two hours.  People would talk to him and he just looked to the sky in the opposite direction as if he were the only one in the room.  He is normally super talkative to the nurses, but not after that ordeal.  The boy can definitely hold a grudge… and he does not get that from my side of the family!

As time went on, things got better for him.  He ate A LOT.  Like two days worth of food in a few hours.  Steroids, I am sure, are the cause of this.  He was also very drugged from the Benadryl, so it was like he was in this weird daze uncontrollably eating mass amounts of food.  Thankfully, I brought along lots of healthy stuff.

Then, our friend and his little girl showed up for a visit.  Their baby boy is in the NICU right down the hall from us, so they are regulars at the hospital right now too.  At first, Wes was ignoring his best bud Melea.  That was when he made his turning point from grudge holding to being a better boy.  Anytime a pretty little girl shows up, his behavior gets better.

Next, the clown came by.  That was quite the experience.  Poor Brad got drawn into his silly acts.  The clown made Brad dress up and dance for us… All in front of his best guy friend.  How embarrassing.  He handled it very well.

After that, everything was much better.  Wes put on his new super hero outfit that my dear friend got him.. He was skating down the halls on his IV pole like Super Man.

The next step is heading back up sometime before Monday to get blood work to see if all the CD19 antigens are wiped out.  If so, we are done for a while.  If not, we are in for two more Mondays.  Getting up at 6:00 am every Monday driving to Lexington is getting old fast.

The house is quickly becoming a hazmat zone.   Admittedly, I am not the best house keeper to begin with.  I loose focus easily while I clean… or do anything else for that matter.  I have been told by certain people that I have the attention span of a goldfish.  It is so hard to keep going when right behind you there is a little boy undoing what was just done.

I have been watching Hoarders on Netflix before I go to bed at night.  It has become a huge inspiration for me to purge my house of all things not useful or super sentimental.  But, I watch it, go to bed and wake up to do daily chores, then the big stuff gets left undone.

Today, my most wonderful Granny came by to help me.  We got SO much done.  If you walked into my house this second, you wouldn’t even know that we did anything.  But look under the stove, open the fridge, look inside the cabinets.. That is where we did all the work today.  I got rid of pots and pans and plastic ware that has just been sitting there.  I threw away all the moldy stuff from the fridge and scrubbed the whole thing inside and out.  I cleaned out Wesley’s closet and the only thing left is clothes that fit him!  We worked hard, but if feels so good to be free of a lot of stuff that is no longer in use or needed.  I have much more to do… Still gotta go through Wesley’s three drawers of pajamas.  (Have I mentioned that I have a kid pajama obsession?)  There are things in there that he hasn’t worn in two years.  My closet will take days.  I really don’t want to tackle that, but I definitely can’t wear 0’s and 1’s or 2’s, 3’s or 4’s… and many other sizes for that matter.  What is the point in keeping it?  This deep cleaning business has been a long time coming.  I am so glad my Granny was here to inspire and help me to keep going!

It’s so nice to not feel like I am walking through an episode of Hoarders.  My house lost about 400 pounds today!  Hopefully I will keep the motivation up and finish!  We are having a yard sale not this Saturday but next.  Can’t wait to get rid of things taking up space in my house and my life and get some much needed cash!

How do you keep the clutter down in your house?


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