Almost Drug Free

At work today, I finally got the call.  Blood work says all CD19’s are wiped out!  Wesley doesn’t have to get anymore infusions until he relapses.  That should be atleast 6-8 months.  We will be finished with the evil steroids on October 6th and hopefully we will have a drug free winter!  This will be his first good break from the steroids Since April 2011.  PLEASE stay FAR away from us if you are sick!

Wesley got to go to Cumberland Falls today with Brad, Annie, Papa John and two lovely friends from England.  While I was at work, it was hard not to worry about Wesley’s well being.  I am so crazy.  I was worried because: 1. He was traveling.  2. He was traveling far from me.  3. GERMS  4. Cliffs, rocks, water and other natural dangers.  5. Mosquitos/West Nile.  And thanks to my informative co-workers 6. Bubonic Plague and Hantavirus.  I called Brad twice to remind him to apply the all natural bug spray thick.

Hopefully, he did not contract any of those things.  Otherwise, he had an awesome day.  He hasn’t been there since he was very small.  Too small to remember it.  Last night, he drew a picture of what he thought the waterfall would look like.  When he got home, he told me it was different than the picture he drew.  He told me about all the rocks and water and stairs.  He also got to see five raccoons.  Not to mention the fun times with family and friends.  (And he found his long lost Ice Age DVD in Annie’s van.)

So much easier now not to complain about that $1.50 parking fee today.  My boy is done with the needles for a while.  He will be off steroids in less than a month.  The weather is about to get cooler which means more outside time for us.  For these things, I am so thankful.


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