Poop and Stuff

It has been a relatively rough week in the Arnett household.  In some ways it has also been good.  Wesley took his last dose of steroids on Saturday, and so far our daily urine tests are coming back perfect.  But as I just mentioned, it has just been a really “off” kind of week for all of us.

Brad and I had some kind of food poisoning/stomach bug late last week and it really took a toll on the old energy levels.  The weekend was packed with more social interaction than I could handle.  Then, I did my regular Monday babysitting and the baby just really wanted me to hold him in all constancy all day long.  Not to mention my own child and his infinite need for food and me.  Whew, I almost didn’t make it through that day, but in fact I did.  Then, Tuesday came waking me up for more.

We just purchased a new HVAC after all summer of suffering in the extreme heat.  Our previous A/C had a freon leak in a bad spot and it was just too expensive to repair.  Also, our gas furnace quit working when the previous owners lived here, so we have always relied on baseboard heating during the winter.  These things all added up to the fact that the best option was to dish out the cash and get an entirely new unit.

They came over Tuesday to begin working on taking out the old unit.  They found lots of things that should have been included in the bid, but were overlooked.  But, thankfully to my benefit, the agreement was signed and I had already paid in full, so it was their loss.

Wesley quickly made friends with one of the guys.  He pulled up a chair and talked the man’s ears off.  The guy, probably out of a need to calm his nerves, finally lit a cigarette.  Oh, MY!  My child was ALL over that.  He asked the man, “Don’t you know that smoking is bad?  Do you know who Jehovah is?”  Then, Wesley promptly went and got the computer and put in a DVD to teach the man about God!

Well, I was a proud Mamma for sure.  My kid was standing up for what is right, even if he was jabbering up a storm and driving this strange man that he didn’t know absolutely bonkers.  But you see, it was keeping him busy, so I was able to get a lot a cleaning done.  It was a win-win.

The man informed Wesley that he knew smoking was bad and he was going to stop.  Then an hour later, he lit up again.  Wes didn’t miss a beat.  “You said you were going to stop smoking.”  This went on for two days.

A couple of men lingered around my house Tuesday and Wednesday and made some messes (which I am very accustomed to anyway), but ultimately, it was worth it because I have complete control over my indoor temperature now!   These were the highlights of the week.  Now for the bad part.

Yesterday I let Wes skip his home school.  There was a lot going on at the house and besides, he was getting fully educated about HVAC installation.  That could help in the future, right?  But, today, it was a different story.

I started off the school day a little too late.  I was really procrastinating trying to get some things done around the house (which didn’t really happen anyway).  Then there were the regular multiple phone calls.  Finally about 11:30 we sat down to begin our schooling.

It started off great.  We discussed how each member of our family is important in different ways.  We talked about the things that Wesley does to help out around the house.  He is in charge of feeding the cats.  He helps me fold the washcloths when I do the towels, he is getting to be super good about keeping his room immaculately clean.  Things like that.

Then Brad came home for lunch in the middle of learning right and left, and the trouble began.  I had to stop and wash Brad’s window cleaning rags.  More phone calls.  Lots of interruptions.  So come time to get back down to business and the boy was done.  He spilled apple juice all over my freshly mopped floor.  That was about all I could take.  I even yelled.  I even spanked.  I even made him stand on one foot in the corner.  It was bad.  Not just that he spilled the apple juice, but the way he was acting.  This was a day that I wished that my little boy was at school, right now.

How could I think such a thought?  What if he got sick a bunch of times and had multiple relapses and had to go back on the dreaded medicines?  I would feel so guilty for ever thinking such a thought.  Was I feeling this way because I am at my wit’s end, or is this the normal reaction of a parent of a child with such delicate health?

But you know, I am never alone.  I don’t even get to shave my legs without interruption.  Ever.  Sometimes, that may drive a person to think such thoughts.  Can I really handle this home school business?  I suppose only time will tell.  Maybe if Brad would just take him to Lowe’s with him on occasion and let me be by myself for an hour.  Would that make me a little less crazy?

Speaking of crazy, maybe that is the problem.  Mid-Summer, I decided that I was only half as crazy as my doctor thinks I am.  So I started cutting my anti-depressant in half.  I actually have felt WAY better and have lots more energy after doing that.  But maybe that other half of craziness is sneaking back up on me.

Well, after this long, energy draining, emotionally tiring day, I had to make my way to the grocery, boy in tow.  It took the rest of the life out of me.  I came home, put the groceries away and started to feel sick at my stomach again.  Very much like I did last week.  I thought I was going to vomit, but instead it came out the other end.  So there I was, on the toilet, trying to poop/stop pooping, catching up on my Better Homes and Gardens mag and dreaming that my home could become one of those perfect homes in there, and wishing that I had perfect crafting skills and, and, and here comes Wesley holding two kittens in his hands.  One was squirming and complaining an awful lot.  As I was trying to tell Wes to put them back in their bed, one kitten starting pooping.  Right there in mid-air.  Right there with Wesley holding it over my lap while I sat on the toilet.  O-M-GOODNESS.  I yelled for Brad, but he was napping on the couch.  He was not the least concerned about the situation.  I took the kitten and let it’s tiny turd land on a page in my magazine.  It was so symbolic of the way I felt.  My big dreams, always being pooped on.

I started to freak out about all the poop going around and I yelled some more for Brad.  Note: Brad never budged.  (Do you blame him?)

I finished my business, and me and the kitten went straight in the shower.  Poor little guy is only four weeks old.  But I cleaned him all up and blow dried his little fur until he was back to normal.

So do you see my point?  I can’t get any minutes alone.  Not even minutes that should be mine.  The time that I am not alone, which is all the time, is filled with multiple levels of various disasters. I feel so overstimulated all the time.  I just want to take a giant nap and sleep everything away.

Anybody else feel this way?

I sure hope I can keep up the home schooling.  I am definitely starting to have serious doubts.  But, hey, that is what this year is for.  It is simply an experiment to let me know if I can do this or not.  He isn’t required to go to school technically until year after next.  But I will make my decision and he will be doing something, be it at home or in public school next year for sure.

Maybe it’s just been a bad week.  Who knows.


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  1. Posted by Cassie on October 22, 2012 at 7:51 am

    I am sure it is just a bad week and all will pan out for you 🙂 Hang in there it takes a strong woman to handle all the things we face! I tried home school and it was not for me. I have been crazy lately too. So proud of Wes for sharing his faith! Hope this week is much better. God Bless


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