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The Flu

Monday, we went to Lexington with Brad’s mom to take the niece and nephew back to their mamma.  We met at the mall and shopped some.  Wesley started feeling bad about an hour later and said his legs were hurting and he wanted to be carried.  Then my mother in law said that Wesley was feeling hot.   He was so whiney and hurting.

After what seemed like forever, I finally made my way to Walmart to get a thermometer.   I wanted to check him while we were there because I knew if it was very high, we could very well end up right back there in the hospital.  After he had his rituximab infusions, the doctor said not to mess around with a fever.  A fever is an emergency.   I took his temperature and it was under 100.  We went on home and he went to bed early. 

Tuesday was New Year’s.  The boy was still running a low-grade fever and seemed weak, but no doctors were open and his temperature was still under 101.  That night, it got higher so I paged his nephrologist.  He said to take him to his pediatrician in the morning.  At that point, me and Brad were coming down with it too.  We all had fevers and our bodies ached. 

So Wednesday morning, we were a mess.  I knew I had to take the boy to the doctor.  I got up, called for an appointment and took a shower.  We got there and waited.  Wesley was on the table playing a game and I just got up there and laid beside him.  No position I was in made me comfortable. 

The nurse swabbed his throat and his nose.  Fifteen minutes later, the doctor walked in with an informational paper and said the flu test was positive.   She prescribed him Tamiflu and sent us home to drink plenty of liquids.  We all stayed in bed for the rest of the day except I had to go to the pharmacy to get the Tamiflu. 

That night was rough.  We were all so miserable.  Every time I coughed, I felt like a cat coughing up a hairball.  It was gagging me.  I threw up on the wall.  Not much is worse than cleaning up your own vomit. 

I went to my doctor the next day because of my cough.  Every time I coughed, even now still, I can’t get control over it.  My flu test was positive as well, despite having the flu shot this fall.  I could’ve saved a $35 copay and told him that on the phone if he would just call me in something for cough.   He prescribed me cough syrup and sent me home to drink plenty of liquids.

Fortunately, Wesley is getting better.  No relapse.  But now that he is better, there is nobody to entertain the poor little guy.  He has watched every episode of Phineas and Ferb ever made.  Now he is on to Garfield and Pocoyo.   He has been in here every 15 minutes happily jumping on the bed causing our heads to throb.  Poor kid.  The first one to get better always gets the bad end of the deal. 

Me and Brad are cold and sweaty and feverish.  Yesterday Brad said that our sheets must be teeming with all sorts of nasty germs.  I washed them.  I am sure they need it again, maybe when this goes away. 

On a positive note, this is the most time we have spent together as a family in a very long time.

I am so hoping that the morning will be better.  Maybe next week I can write a much more interesting story when I am not under the influence of cough syrup and cold medicine.   Until then, stay far away from us.  You do not want this!