Wesley’s summer has been very eventful so far.  It seems like it is going by so fast.  Too fast.  In one month, he will start kindergarten.  That makes his Mamma’s heart break.

We have tried to stay busy and have fun before school starts.  I bought us season tickets to the water park and we have been going once or twice a week.  We have traveled to Indiana to see our cousins, then to Cincinnati for a NephCure walk, then to Johnson City, Tennessee for our convention.  All back to back.  It feels good to finally be home and not traveling.

My most fond memories are of summers when my cousins would come visit.  We would have the best times playing all day, then staying up late catching lightning bugs and looking at the stars.  Then we would go to bed, wake up and do it all over again.  I want that for Wesley too.  He has lots of cousins and he loves them all.  We have gotten together with them a few times this year.  It seems the same as it was for me when I was little.  Even though they only see one another occasionally, they are best buds when they get together.  It’s like they were never apart.

This summer, with cousins (and friends as close as cousins) we have picked strawberries, went to the fair, swam, hiked, learned to shoot a bow, dug in the dirt, gone to the drive-in, caught lightning bugs, cooked out, roasted marshmallows and got a few boo-boos.

I would call that a good summer for a five year old boy.

The best news is that Wesley has been in remission for ten months!  It really eases the worries.

It’s not over yet.  We still have time for more fun.  As a Mommy, this has been my best summer yet!

Summer Fun


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  1. Posted by Robin on July 4, 2013 at 9:51 pm

    Enjoy your time with Wesley…it goes to fast!!


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