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Clean Sheet Night

Clean sheet night is probably my favorite night of the week. I can get into my clean, made, bed and forget all about the basket of clothes in the floor beside me. I don’t have to think about the dirty dishes on my side stand, or the empty granola bar wrapper/wrappers that was left by one or both of the kids. I can take my glasses off and it’s all a blur, I can just pretend like it’s not even there. When I crawl under the blanket and slide my legs into the clean sheets, it feels something like what perfection must feel like. Ahhh.

Last night was clean sheet night. I took a shower and shaved my legs. (One of the things that make having clean sheets even better.) I could hardly wait to go to bed. It had been a pretty productive day. I had cleaned the living room, mopped the kitchen floor and made a decently healthy supper. I cooked garlicky chicken and quinoa. The kids were both fed and had brushed their teeth, and Harper was bathed and in her pajamas. It was still early, so I left the kids with Brad so I could sneak away to my slumber.

I lay down, settled in and turned off the light on the side table. It was so nice. Then, not 45 seconds later, I heard Harper running down the hall. She crawled up in the bed with her giant stuffed pup and got under the covers with me. I smelled something. It was food. It was the garlicky chicken that I had made for supper. Then I felt it. It was the quinoa falling out of her hair all over my clean sheets! I do not know how, but the child had about two tablespoons of quinoa stuck all in the side of her hair. As she snuggled closer under the covers, the quinoa was squishing into my sheets and rolling down the bed to where I lay.


And just like that, it was over.

We got up, wiped the quinoa off the sheets and combed it out of her hair, and went back to bed. It wasn’t perfect, but it was perfection for me. My precious little girl wanted to snuggle up with her mommy, and how could I deny her that. I love those little snuggles.

As a mommy of two littles, I can’t expect things to go just so. Things haven’t gone “just so” in well over 9 years. I have had to lower my standards immensely from what they were before children. When I say lower my standards, what I mean is that I no longer have standards.  But that is okay. It has made me a better person. I think. Has it? I don’t know. I have also lost most of my thinking ability.

What I do know is that it’s been a busy day today. Clean sheet day has come and gone, there are blankets, toys and shoes strewn all across my living room, there is mud on the kitchen floor, and the kids are eating canned soup for dinner.