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Space and Stuff

As most already know, last Tuesday Wesley’s nephrologist gave us to OK to “be as normal as possible”.  That means we can go places!  First thing he wanted to do was go to Cracker Barrel and get sausage… and that, we did.  I am still leery of germs and large crowds of people.  All kinds of bugs are floating around out there, my child can’t be vaccinated (if he could I don’t know that I would do it at this point), and of course he is still very immunocompromised.  At a few places I have made him wear a mask, but mostly we just squirt on the hand sanitizer and hope for the best.

A few weeks ago, I helped Wesley clean his disaster of a room.  He now has a place for everything.  (He had that before but never realized it)  I told him if he could keep everything in it’s place for a week, I would buy him the toy that he has had his eyes on for a while.

He took that job very seriously.  His friends came over and he flipped his lid every time they played with something.  He wanted things back where they belonged before the kids had a chance to look at them.  When Brad came home, I was telling him about it.  We went into Wesley’s room and we were all sitting on the floor.  Brad tested him by putting occasional cars in the wrong place and you better bet, the boy was right on top of that.

Since he did such an excellent job, I ordered his toys that he wanted and boy was he excited to get them!  It is a bunch of space stuff, aliens and all.  He plays with them every day.  That was time and money well spent.


So now with our broadening knowledge of all things space, and our new freedom to be in public places, I have decided to take Wesley to the Hummel Planetarium tomorrow.  We are going with friends that are also being home schooled. The show we are watching is called “The Secret of The Cardboard Rocket”.  It is about two little kids who turn a box into a rocket and fly to space.  It teaches about all the planets in our solar system and why our earth is such a special place.  Wes is way excited and so am I.

I am hoping for no sick bugs and a happy winter.  Last dose of steroids is Sunday.  I hope it sticks this time.