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The dreaded day is almost here.  I got a call from Wesley’s nurse, Stephanie, yesterday to tell me that the insurance approved the rituximab.  I knew it was coming, but I was very unprepared when she told me that I should bring Wes in this weekend.

I was at work when I got the call.  I hadn’t even told Wesley anything about it.  He has begged me to take him to the water park all summer.  I talked to Brad about it, then called Stephanie back and asked her if it was possible to come in on Monday to do the infusion.  I really wanted Wes to have at least one more fun day before we destroy his immune system.  Thankfully, she said that would be fine.

When I came home from work last night, I planned on sitting down with Wesley and explaining it all to him.  But the information had already been leaked.  First thing he asked me when I walked in the door was, “Am I going to get a shot when I go to the hospital?”.

Before NS, my little man was so good about needles.  He didn’t cry.  He was always very cooperative.  I think he handled it so well because I always prepared him for it and let him know it would hurt for a second, but then it would get better.  When he was diagnosed with NS, we were being admitted into the hospital and this nurse insisted on wrapping Wes in a blanket to put his IV in.  They all held him down and I was at his face trying to comfort him.  Looking back, I totally should have spoken up and told them not to do that.  It really changed things for us.  Now, he cries every time we get blood work or anything to do with a “shot”.

So, there I was trying to explain things to my little boy that no little boy should even need to know about.  He was confused with the hernia surgery.  He was thinking that was why he was going into the hospital.  I guess we will be dealing with that one later.

My baby is scared.  During regular conversation, he will occasionally throw in a question about what is going to happen at the hospital.  I have tried to reassure him that I will be there the whole time and he can lay in the bed and I will lay next to him.

Last night, I couldn’t sleep because I was trying to think of ways to make this less miserable for Wesley.  I thought maybe I can buy him some new p.j.s to wear all day so he will be comfortable.  And wrap a bunch of presents for him to open through out the day.

The children’s hospital is very good about having plenty of things to keep kids busy.  I suppose I shouldn’t worry so much.

I always feel so alone dealing with this disease and the treatments.  Nobody that I am close to understands.  Wesley’s disease is invisible, you can’t see it.  People always just assume he is doing fine.  I feel like nobody understands a word I say when I am talking about it, and I am sure that is mostly true.

At work yesterday, when I found out that this rituximab thing is for sure going to happen, I was near falling apart.  I work in a pharmacy and one of the pharmacists that I work with has dealt with autoimmune stuff for years.  He has been on steroids, he has taken different medicines, he even tried one similar to what Wesley is going to have.  I really found consolation in him.  He himself has been in a similar situation as Wes.  It made me feel a ton better to talk to someone who is above my level in understanding this stuff.  I think he has no idea at all how much better he made me feel about this choice.

So, our weekend is about to begin.  We are going to a wedding today.  Wesley is especially excited about the “party” (reception).  Then tomorrow, it is water park day!  I don’t care if it’s pouring down rain.  As long as the water park is open, we are there!  I must make a trip for new pajamas and a few toys.  Then, Monday at 6:00 am, we are off to the hospital for an overnight stay to get my kid into a drug free remission.  As long as all goes well, we will be home Tuesday!


My First Kid


Long before Wesley was born my best friend, Brenda, had a little boy.  I was single and free and had plenty of time on my hands.  I have always loved kids, so I jumped at any chance to be around this new baby in my life.

Kaiden became ‘my first kid’.  I starting babysitting him on my day off from work.  I took him everywhere I went.  I loved that little guy so much.  He was my main sidekick,  When he was about two years old, his mommy and daddy moved to Texas, and they did the unthinkable.  They took him with them!

Eventually, they all missed me and moved back.  I was married then.  I didn’t have nearly as much time to spend with Kaiden as I would have liked to.  I still got to keep him every morning because his mom went into work way early.  I dropped him off everyday at daycare before I went to my job.  He was still my little buddy.

Then, one day, something terrible happened.  He started school!  I didn’t get to see him much anymore and it made me so sad.  But, then about the same time, I discovered that I was going to get my own kid.  One who belonged exclusively to me!  It helped to balance things out a bit.

Wesley and Kaiden are about 5 years apart.  They are surprisingly very good friends.  Wesley loves Kaiden.  I think Kaiden tolerates loves Wesley.

Today, my Kaiden came over to visit us.  Kaiden started home school this year.  We made it a school day today.  Kaiden did his work while Wesley did his.  It was a bit challenging for me to go back and forth and keep them both interested.  Kaiden kept wanting to do Wesley’s work (because it wasn’t an essay).  Then when I worked with Kaiden, Wesley wanted to run off (because he wanted undivided attention).  We finally made it through the day and I think they both learned at least one new thing each.  Maybe if we do it again, I will be more prepared!


(Notice who is wearing clothes and who isn’t)  I should really work on that!