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Mouse In The House

Last night we found our cats running down the hall batting a dead mouse back and forth.  Gross!

Well, thankfully it was dead.  I was happy to know that my cats know how to take care of business… and hopeful that there were no more of those cute little critters running around my house.

We came home tonight and Wes was eating a snack while I read him a story.  I heard a rustle in the egg noodle bag.  Yes, it was another mouse.  Yes, I threw away everything open on my counter.

So, the boy decided to trap this mouse.  He came up with a plan fast.


                          ^^  (The Plan) ^^

When I asked him how is the cat going to get out to kill the mouse, he replied, “I will open it really fast when I see the mouse coming”
Notice the half peanut butter sandwich to draw the mouse to the trap.

I suppose my child will stand here all night until he catches his mouse!